Rural health workforce training: a 20-year success story

Wednesday, 17 October 2018
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The viability of rural and remote communities depends on access to quality health services, which, in turn, relies on being able to attract a highly trained, sustainable health workforce.

The Australian Journal of Rural Health, in its trans-Tasman October issue1, reports on the 20-year record of success of the University Departments of Rural Health (UDRHs) and the Rural Clinical Schools (RCSs) in developing a health workforce that is oriented to working in rural and remote communities.

UDRHs are designed to have a strong population health focus, with the flexibility to meet regional needs and enable community, health service and health professional participation, guided by Regional Advisory Committees on direction and accountability to the region.

Twenty years of Australian Government investment in UDRHs and RCSs has created a national network of rurally based academic units that deliver academically enriched clinical education and training for medical, nursing and allied health students and fulfill an essential academic role for the health system in rural and remote more on our Media Release