Rural Health Workforce - the real story!

Monday, 29 July 2019
Allied health fact sheet and personal story

Over the next month the National Rural Health Alliance will be releasing series of health workforce factsheets that show the number of health professionals working in rural, regional and remote areas per capita compared to major cities.

The factsheets confirm the significant mal-distribution of the health workforce across Australia, with remote and very remote areas experiencing the lowest workforce supply ratios compared to major cities.

The first factsheet focuses on the allied health workforce and the professions with the highest number of allied health practitioners are psychologists, physiotherapists, pharmacists and social workers across all areas in Australia. However these professions are still under-represented in rural, regional and remote areas, when compared to needs of the population.

The workforce facts sheets will provide the facts and figures and each one will be accompanied by a personal story.  The factsheets and personal stories will be published over the coming weeks to provide a personal understanding of what it means to be health professional in a rural, regional or remote area in Australia.

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