Presenting the facts for improved rural health

Saturday, 7 September 2013
The Alliance has released three new fact sheets
The Alliance has released three new fact sheets

Rapid advances in information technology and the promise of high-speed broadband have combined to act as a catalyst for the development of a range of potential eHealth solutions to some of the challenges faced by people living in rural and remote Australia. But how can one keep up with the options, the courses, the terminology and the numbers?

The social determinants of health and the value of targeting health promotion messages to at-risk populations are being increasingly acknowledged for their impact on people’s wellbeing. How do Governments address these matters more broadly than through the health sector?

And in both cases, what is the evidence that shows how best to meet the needs of the seven million people living in rural and remote Australia where lifestyle is great, but health is poorer and connectivity more difficult?

Three of the Alliance’s recently published Fact Sheets: eHealth and Telehealth in rural and remote Australia, Connectivity for rural and remote health and The way forward for rural health – provide useful background information to these discussions.

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