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Friday, 31 May 2019

The May 2019 issue of Partyline is now on  the website.

From preconception to young adulthood, from parenting a premature infant in a rural area to keeping children safe on farms, this issue of Partyline has a focus on childhood and the health and wellbeing of children living in rural and remote Australia.

We learn about: how Aboriginal children living in remote parts of Australia are an important part of the future of their communities and country; the ups and downs of one rural family’s experience of the NDIS; the gaps in health services for rural children and how telehealth services may help; a toolkit to help us support children who are exposed to disasters and traumatic events; an online community providing a space of self-expression and social interaction for young people with chronic illnesses; and that you’re never too young to start a conversation with someone who may be having a tough time.

This Partyline also covers the 15th National Rural Health Conference held in Hobart in March which called for action on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and climate change. We cover the Conference’s inspiring and entertaining arts and health program, including the Better Together song composed and performed at the Conference, and winning entries in photography and poetry competitions. There are also several article by Conference presenters.

Our Editorial considers the outlook for rural health policy with the recent re-election of the Coalition Government and concludes that with Greg Hunt continuing as Minister for Health there is some cause for optimism.

The Friends of the Alliance ‘My Place’ series continues with Christine Mann from Queensland’s North West Hospital and Health Service talking about her organisation’s work to become more responsive to the health needs of local Indigenous communities, and Irene Mills reflecting on the innovation and dedication of health professionals in rural and remote Australia in the face devastating droughts and declining government services.

Click through for these and some other great articles on:

  • the need for high quality maternity services in the bush;
  • a program supporting the health and wellbeing of workers on remote cattle stations;
  • the worrying decline in Aboriginal Health Worker numbers;
  • a website helping people to manage their own diabetes;
  • an award winning pharmacy in rural NSW
  • a rural GP’s love of working in rural and remote communities; and
  • a campaign by health professionals focusing on climate change and our children’s future.

… and much, much more. 

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