New fact sheet shows the diversity of paramedic workforce

Monday, 28 October 2019

“If you cast your mind to the word ‘paramedic’ in the future, don’t just think about the ambulances rushing around the city doing the fantastic work that they do. Don’t just think about the TV shows. Remember that somewhere out in the remote areas of Australia is a team of five people trying their hardest to keep people safe in often dangerous situations.” – Kyle, rescue and registered paramedic, remote QLD

The Alliance has released a fact sheet about the paramedic workforce in rural, regional and remote Australia.

For the first time, the fact presents a detailed analysis of Paramedicine Board of Australia and Productivity Commission data that shows the breakdown by state and territory of registered paramedics who work or do not work in ambulance services.

The data shows that there are around 4,700 paramedics nation-wide who may not work for an ambulance service. This shows the broad range of employers for paramedics including aeromedical retrieval and helicopter rescue services, surf lifesaving, resource companies, non-emergency patient transport organisations, event first aid providers, universities and the Defence Force.

The Alliance has also published five personal stories from paramedics working in rural and remote Australia. The five stories are very different but the common theme is that these registered paramedics – regardless of where they are working – play a vital role in rural and remote Australia and are dedicated to serving their communities.