Mental Health in Rural and Remote Australia

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The latest Fact Sheets from the Alliance are on Mental Health in Rural and Remote Australia and a Rural Mental Health Help Sheet. Together they present an overview of mental health in rural and remote Australia, and a guide to support services.

The Fact Sheet on mental health points out that, despite a similar prevalence of mental illness in urban and country areas, the lack of access to mental health services and a reluctance to seek help contribute to the fact that rates of self-harm and suicide increase with remoteness. Specifically, poorer access to a GP and specialised mental health services, a fear of the stigma associated with mental illness, and socio-economic factors compound difficulties in treating mental health issues in more remote areas. Young men, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, farmers and older people are noted as groups particularly vulnerable to poor mental health and higher rates of suicide.

The Rural Mental Health Help Sheet is a list of support and professional services available to country people.