Growing old in rural and remote Australia - Special edition of the AJRH

Thursday, 22 August 2019
AJRH Cover
AJRH Cover

The August 2019 issue of The Australian Journal of Rural Health presents the latest research on this challenging topic.

Guest editors for this issue, Dr Evelien Spelten (La Trobe University) and Professor Oliver Burmeister (Charles Sturt University) draw together 13 research papers that show that ageing is not just about institutionalised care, illness, and death.  As the editors point out in their editorial Australia has “ . . a rapidly ageing population, that is also wealthier, better educated, better housed, and contributes more to both paid and volunteer work.”

They point out: “... the challenge for our rural health care system is to relate to this population and to align our system of health care with their needs”. They note that this may need to “ ... be more diverse and not fitted to a ‘one size fits all seniors’ approach.” read more in our media release


Volume 27 Issue 4 includes:


Growing old gracefully in rural and remote Australia?

Evelien R. Spelten, Oliver K. Burmeister


Stepped‐care treatment of anxiety and depression in older adults: A narrative review

Denise Meuldijk PhD, Viviana M. Wuthrich PhD

The ageing farming workforce and the health and sustainability of agricultural communities: A narrative review

Peter O'Meara BHA, MPP, PhD

Factors associated with successful chronic disease treatment plans for older Australians: Implications for rural and Indigenous Australians

Stuart Holdsworth BMedSci, Lisa Corscadden BSc, MAppMath, Jean‐Frederic Levesque MD, PhD, Grant Russell MBBS, FRACGP, MFM, PhD

Understanding ageing well in Australian rural and regional settings: Applying an age‐friendly lens

Shaun Hancock BPsych (Hons), Rachel Winterton BAppSc (Hons), PhD, Clare Wilding BAppSc (OT), MApSc (OT), PhD, Irene Blackberry BMed, GradCert HealthProgEval, PhD

Swallowing disorders in an older fractured hip population

Emily Beric BSpPath, Rebecca Smith BSpHearingSc, MSpchLngPath, Karen Phillips BSpThy, MEd, Grad.Cert. Health Management, Corey Patterson BSpPath (Hons), Tilley Pain BSc, PhD, Grad. Cert. Case Management

Ageing well: Pilot evaluation of a dual‐task training program in a rural community

Melissa T. Nott PhD, BAppSc (OT) Hons, Kristy M. Robson PhD, MastersHSc (Education), DipHSc (Podiatry), Kylie Murphy PhD, BAppSci (Hons, Psych), BEd (Secondary), Rodney P. Pope PhD, BAppSc (Phty), GradDipPsychStud, Tana Cuming BHlthSc, GradCert (Adol Health Welfare), Michael Curtin EdD, MPhil, BOccThy

Increasing the social participation of older rural residents: Opportunities offered by “OPTEACH”

Clarissa Hughes B.A, (Hons), PhD, Maree Bernoth RN, BHSc, MEd, (Hons), PhD, Denise Winkler M.A, PhD

The change in quality of life for older Australians: A rural and urban comparison

Shaun Hancock BPsychSc, Yvonne Wells PhD

Living, loving, dying: Insights into rural compassion

Pauline Marsh RN, BA (Hons), Grad Dip (Nursing), PhD, Stephanie Thompson BMus, Grad Dip (Psychology), MSc, PhD, Jonathan Mond BA (Hons), MA (Hons), PhD, MPH

Rural palliative care to support dying at home can be realised; experiences of family members and nurses with a new model of care

Evelien Spelten PhD, Jenny Timmis RN, Simone Heald MBA, Saskia F. A. Duijts PhD

Utilising capacity in a rural hospital to support older people requiring hospital care: Kilcoy Connect

Ansuyah Padayachee BAppSc (OT), BAppSc (Psych), Cassandra Ranatunga BHlthSc, MPH, Tracy A Comans PhD, BEcon (Hons), BPhty

Reviewing the extent of rural and remote considerations in elder abuse policy: A scoping review

Barbara Blundell BSW Hons, PhD, Amy Warren BSW Hons

Older people's mental health in rural areas: Converting policy into service development, service access and a sustainable workforce

Kate Jackson MExec Admin, PhD, Russell Roberts MClinPsych, MExec Admin, PhD, Roderick McKay MBBS, FRANZCP


Determinants of health—Are we arguing for the right things for better rural health and well‐being?

Dr Joanne Walker

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