Friends keeping people connected…

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Friends of the Alliance, the National Rural Health Alliance’s grassroots network of people and organisations in rural and remote Australia, has been working to ensure that Friends members stay connected with each other in these trying times.

Friends has held regular “Join us for a cuppa” sessions, to give people a chance to take half an hour out of their day and enjoy others’ company with a virtual cuppa. Keep up-to-date with conversations here:

We are also very excited to launch the musical video of 'Build 'em up!' this week.

We hope you enjoy it:  WATCH NOW 

Plans are also underway for the 2020 Photo and Poetry Exhibition to be announced soon  – stay tuned. The Alliance has long advocated the place of the arts in the healthy life of Australians. Art in its various forms is used as a means of communication on health and health-related issues; it is itself therapeutic and is widely used to complement treatment and management; and it is widely used as a force for community development, to sustain communities and develop their capacity to deliver health-promoting lifestyles.

Friends is an important way for the Alliance to hear what’s happening on the ground in rural and  remote communities and the Friends Advisory Committee has been seeking feedback on their current priorities – climate and health, and digital health.  

We are now seeking further input from Friends about how rural communities are coping with COVID-19? Send your contribution  to

Why not think about joining Friends for 2020-21 – you’ll be able to join after 1 July 2020.