Episode 6: Ripper sit-skier Sam aiming for Winter Paralympic medal

Monday, 30 August 2021
Sam Tait on the slopes

Aussie professional athlete Sam Tait has a more fulfilling life than he ever dreamed of when he was a young man, which includes going for a medal at the Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing next March.

Describing how he woke up in ICU and unable to walk after breaking his spine in a motorbike accident eight years ago, Sam jokes he was motivated by the horrible-tasting hospital food to get out of rehabilitation as fast as possible.

Sam says the other key motivation was that he didn’t want his family and friends to feel sad for him because he knew he could get through it and felt that getting back into a gym after three months in rehab was like a homecoming.

Chatting with the Build ‘Em Up podcast team, the now famous sit-skier shares his journey, including never feeling happier, since that fateful day in 2013 when he became a complete paraplegic through a T10 spinal cord injury.

With our Summer Olympics and Paralympics success still fresh in our minds, this is a powerful story of one man’s humility, inner strength and quiet inspiration and determination to live his best life ever. You can listen to the podcast, which is supported by nbnTM, on your favourite player.