Don’t forget the bush

Friday, 15 March 2024
Country town street with cars and shops

In a Letter to the Editor of The Australian, Alliance Chief Executive Susi Tegen said, ‘the chronic underservicing and underfunding of health care in rural areas is shocking,’ even though Australia has a universal health system.

In the article published on 15 March 2024, Ms Tegen added that the 30 per cent of Australia’s population who live rurally are ‘expected to be happy with receiving $6.55bn per annum less healthcare funding than those who live in urban centres.’

“That is an equivalent of an $844 underspend per person per annum for 7.2 million people,” she said.

“Rather than focusing on things that are far too much about our own interests, we should focus on those that bring social and economic wellbeing for the greater Australian population,” she added.


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