Chief Executive raises concerns over increasing demands on paramedics

Wednesday, 15 February 2023
Paramedics with ambulance

National Rural Health Alliance Chief Executive Susanne Tegen spoke to ABC Riverland about the increasing demands on paramedics and the detrimental effects of intensive rosters that could contribute to the loss of new staff in regional Australia.

In a report titled, ‘Paramedics say intensive on-call roster system with 96-hour shifts endangers workers,’ published on 14 February 2023, Ms Tegen was quoted saying that demands on paramedics were increasing due to broader workforce shortages in the health system.

She told the ABC that intensive rosters could be contributing to the loss of new staff in regional Australia.

‘If people are on call for longer periods and don't have that break to recharge … of course they're finding it difficult and will burn out,’ the ABC quoted Ms Tegen.

Here’s the full report:

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