Broadband for the Bush Forum IV: Unlocking the Digital Potential of the Bush

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The 2015 Broadband for the Bush Forum will be held from 15-16 July at the Charles Darwin University's Waterfront premises. The Forum focuses on digital inclusion in and for remote Australia. It will deliver two jam-packed days with a program consisting of a mix of practical events, presentations, panel discussions and interactive workshop sessions. It also provides the opportunity for getting ‘hands-on’ with technology, with innovative solutions and emerging new technologies being showcased.

The Forum Streams are focused on the following areas:

Local connected communities: What are the solutions to increasing access and participation? What are the risks and challenges involved? Share and learn from some of the most successful case studies. 

Strong and sustainable economy: How is technology linked to accessing economic outcomes? What are the personal, commercial, community, regional and national considerations? Explore digital service delivery in the context of economic outcomes. 

Breakthrough innovations and technology: What are the new technologies (e.g. ‘the Internet of Things’, robotics and drones, and 3D printing) and enablers of remote connectivity (e.g. last mile solutions, new innovations in backhaul, pico-cells, and mesh) and what are the social and economic consequences? See, feel and interact with the new technologies first hand.

Engaged government: What are the active government programs and policies? What are the opportunities (e.g. National Stronger Regions, Indigenous Advancement Strategy, Northern Australia Development, and NBN Co) and what are the service provider perspectives? Contribute to moving the agenda forward and be equipped to adapt to the new environment.

If you are interested in being part of a united voice for remote and rural Australians and would like to explore and seek practical outcomes that promote digital inclusion, then the Broadband for the Bush Forum is for you.

Early bird ticket sales end on Friday 5 June at 5.00pm

For further information please visit Broadband for the Bush, call Maor on 0430 228 555 or email [email protected].

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