Alliance calls for local solutions for healthcare access

Tuesday, 9 May 2023
Federal budget 2023-24 - Parlliament house

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) is calling for an investment in multidisciplinary health services in rural areas through the Federal Budget 2023–24.

The Alliance has urged the Government to correct the problems associated with healthcare access that are impacting rural Australian communities and to support local solutions to achieve equitable access to health care.

Chief Executive Susi Tegen told Croakey that the Alliance has been working with several communities and entities that are desperate to have government support for a local approach to the healthcare needs of their communities.

‘These communities require flexibility to decide what and how services are delivered, according to the gap between what they need and what exists,’ she said.

Ms Tegan argued that Medicare was never supposed to be a doctor payment, but rather a public health subsidy for the patient, and that rural communities no longer wish to be set up to fail because they are told bulk billing will solve all.

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