Alliance calls on governments to ‘make a commitment’

Friday, 19 May 2023
Medical personel with young patient in clinic

The National Rural Health Alliance was featured in the May issue of the Australian Health and Aged Care resource guide with an article by Chief Executive Susi Tegen.

The article titled ‘Primary care Rural Integrated Health Services to work where markets fail,’ called on the federal and state governments ‘to make a commitment to rural, regional and remote Australians by intervening with changes of policies, legislation, providing ongoing (as opposed to trials and pilots) block funding, infrastructure support for accommodation and facilities, allowing for a flexible community grassroots collaborative, evidence-based population health need approach to health and medical workforce planning and delivery’.

It also outlined the new model of primary care funding and service delivery, called Primary care Rural Integrated Multidisciplinary Health Services (PRIM-HS), which the Alliance advocates for, that will ‘support and sustain the healthcare workforce to provide essential primary care to rural communities’. 

The Alliance has developed this model to work where markets are thin, failing or have already failed.   

Read the full article here:

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