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Release Date: 07 July 2023

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) applauds the latest initiative by the federal government to increase long-term funding of rural Commonwealth supported places (CSPs) and capital funding to attract more doctors to train and practise in rural, regional and remote Australia.

The Alliance is concerned about the alarming medical workforce shortage in rural areas and hopes...

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Release Date: 23 June 2023

Startling new evidence shows that each person in rural Australia is missing out on nearly $850 a year of healthcare access, which equates to a total annual rural health spending deficit of $6.5 billion.

This is money that could have allowed Australians living rurally to access health and medical services where they live.

The latest data, revealed in an independent...

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Release Date: 14 June 2023

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) welcomes the news of Prime Minister Albanese’s recommendation to the Governor-General that Mr Blair Comley PSM be appointed as the Secretary for the Department of Health and Aged Care.

“We are pleased to see that a person of Mr Comley’s calibre, with his strong economic qualifications and experience, will lead the health and aged care...

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Release Date: 09 June 2023

The 9th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium held on 20 and 21 June 2023 anticipates over 200 delegates from the health sector across Australia to arrive in Canberra to help shape the future of rural and remote health research.

It has an exciting line-up of high-profile...

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Release Date: 01 June 2023

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) congratulates the Minister for Communications, the Hon Michelle Rowland MP, and NBN Co for the launch of a new satellite plan – nbn® Sky Muster® Plus Premium – that introduces more connectivity options for people across rural, regional and remote Australia. 

The Alliance welcomes several benefits this will bring, such as uncapped data...

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Release Date: 26 May 2023

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) welcomes the inclusion of its recommendations in the report from the Senate inquiry into universal access to reproductive health care, which calls to end the postcode lottery for reproductive health care.


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Release Date: 10 May 2023

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) sees the Federal Budget 2023–24 as a missed opportunity to significantly address healthcare needs in rural Australia. This is despite the major contribution by rural communities to Australia’s economic surplus this year and their poor health status, which is below that of their urban counterparts.

“While there are some modest measures...

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Release Date: 05 May 2023

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Pim Kuipers as Editor-in-Chief of the Australian Journal of Rural Health (the Journal) commencing from 8 May 2023.

The Journal is a multidisciplinary publication that aims to foster interdisciplinary networks to build and advance rural practice for all health professionals. It became the...

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Release Date: 03 May 2023

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) awaits a Federal Budget that corrects market failure of healthcare access that is impacting rural Australian communities.

The Alliance is encouraged by the announcement of significant Strengthening Medicare measures, especially the provision of flexible funding for multidisciplinary-team-based models to improve quality of care.


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Release Date: 29 March 2023

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) congratulates the Government, the National Rural Health Commissioner and all the professional bodies that have worked together to release the National Rural and Remote Nursing Generalist Framework 2023–2027...

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