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Release Date: 13 December 2023

The further an Australian lives from an urban centre, the lower their life expectancy. They are also twice as likely to die from preventable illness. The latest research shows that rural men are 2.5 times and women 2.8 times more likely to die from potentially avoidable causes than those in urban areas.

This statistic, along with demographic information, health risk factors, health...

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Release Date: 11 December 2023

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) is pleased to see the release of the Final Report of the Mid-Term Review of the National Health Reform Agreement Addendum 2020-2025 by the Australian government. Much of the Alliance work has been referenced and highlighted in its recommendations.

As the peak body for rural health in Australia, the Alliance advocated for rural and remote...

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Release Date: 04 December 2023

The National Rural Health Alliance (Alliance) is pleased to see that several of our key recommendations on access to dental services in rural Australia have been heard and incorporated in the final report of the Senate Select Committee into the Provision of and...

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Release Date: 29 November 2023

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) will move into the new year with great vigour, with new Board members elected at the 32nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) this month.

Nicole O’Reilly, Head of School Health Sciences at Charles Darwin University and Jacqueline Emery, Chief Executive of Royal Far West were re-elected as Board Members. Penny Stewart OAM, Director of Alice...

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Release Date: 01 November 2023

Today marks the beginning of National Rural Health Month - a month which highlights the inequities that rural, regional and remote Australians face when trying to access the same health care as their urban counterparts.

“This November, we take the opportunity to highlight the myriad of issues faced by rural and remote communities in Australia when trying to access health care, aiming to...

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Release Date: 13 October 2023

As Mental Health Week wraps up today, the National Rural Health Alliance highlights the dire need of more effective place-based approaches and coordinated efforts for mental health care services for rural, regional and remote communities.

Nearly half of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime, but not everyone in Australia has the same access to mental...

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Release Date: 11 October 2023

This Mental Health Week, the National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) welcomes the launch of the National Mental Health Workforce Strategy 2022-2032 by the Australian Government.

The Alliance is pleased to see that the issues of mental health workforce shortages in rural and remote locations and options to address the specific needs of communities to attract, retain, maximise,...

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Release Date: 10 October 2023

New data from Mental Health Australia and the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling at the University of Canberra released today, World Mental Health Day, shows alarming disparities in the distribution of mental health services across Australia, with severe inadequacies in rural, regional and remote areas. 

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) calls for...

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Release Date: 14 September 2023

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) is pleased to see the recent unveiling of the Regionalisation Ambition 2032 Year 1 Progress Report by Regional Australia Institute at the Regions Rising National Summit – Shifting our Gaze.

The Alliance supports the Ambition and is a founding member of the National Alliance for Regionalisation initiative to ‘Rebalance the Nation.’

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Release Date: 12 September 2023

New data released today shows a strong correlation between reduced access to primary healthcare in rural Australia and high rates of potentially preventable hospitalisations, as well as highlighting the need for increased investment in rural health care.

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) is concerned about new rural and remote health data released by the Australian...

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