Greens reach the top on rural and remote health

17 August 2013

In both their rural health policy document and the contribution made this week by Richard Di Natale at the National Rural Health Alliance's Scorecard launch in Canberra, the Greens have amply demonstrated their support for better health and better health services for people who live in rural and remote areas.

The broad support shown by the Greens is represented graphically on the Alliance's dynamic Election Scorecard.

"Among other things, the Greens propose special allocations to after-hours GP care, mental health services and hospitals in rural areas," said Lesley Barclay, NRHA Chairperson.

"The Greens clearly understand the rural and remote health workforce challenges, and share the concern of country people about the need to have good access to educational, employment and communication opportunities," she said.

Most people in rural and remote areas would have supported Richard Di Natale's plea at the Scorecard launch for the Federal Government to continue to invest in first-class broadband infrastructure that, in his words, "will support the possibilities of tomorrow".

The Greens' platform has over $1 billion in new spending on rural and remote health -matched by revenue measures which include "a fairer mining tax".

The people of country Australia will be keen to see whether the ALP and the Coalition intend to match the Greens' high water mark.

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Lesley Barclay - Chair: 0412 282 801
Gordon Gregory - Executive Director: 02 6285 4660

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