The Coalition on rural health: small target - or missed altogether?

03 September 2013

In his address yesterday to the National Press Club Tony Abbott promised that, should the Coalition be elected, there would be "a new focus on regional Australia with close to 50 per cent of the Cabinet living outside of metropolitan areas".

Hopefully it is not too late for some of those senior Coalition politicians who live outside metropolitan areas to speak up about the need for their Leader to make specific commitments to improving health and wellbeing for people in rural and remote areas.

Making health 'a small target' is one thing, but being silent on issues affecting one in three Australians is quite another.

Country people understand the risks for parliamentarians of electoral commitments they make, with a mandate meaning accountability as well as permission. (See A mandate is a two way street at
But if those parliamentarians are not willing to take the risk, they do not deserve the benefit of the support of country people.

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