‘Build ‘em up!’ - we need YOU to star in a music video!

29 April 2020

The National Rural Health Alliance, the peak body for rural and remote health in Australia, is proud to launch ‘Build ‘em up!’, a musical collaboration between Friends of the Alliance and Small Town Culture, and is now seeking video contributions from across rural Australia of people performing the song or simply living their rural life.

'Build ‘em up!’ was produced by Toowoomba singer-songwriter Josh Arnold, with lyrics and ideas contributed by people across the country in collaboration with Friends of the Alliance, the National Rural Health Alliance’s grassroots network of people and organisations in rural Australia.

National Rural Health Alliance CEO Dr Gabrielle O’Kane said the response to the musical collaboration had been extremely positive and now was the time for people to get even more involved by sending in a video of them performing ‘Build ‘em up!’.

“We’d like you to send in a short video or photograph of you performing the song with an instrument, dancing to it or singing it,” said Dr O’Kane.

“You might like to do it solo or with someone you are currently living or working with – being mindful of social distancing rules of course!

“We’re thrilled with the response to the call for lyrics and ideas. It’s always a pleasure to work with Josh, who understands rural Australia and what living in a rural community is like.

“The aim of the project was to highlight hope and resilience in rural and remote Australia, and this song certainly captures that.

“Staying connected is more important than ever in the time of COVID-19 and Friends of the Alliance has risen to the challenge tremendously. The project has provided an opportunity for people to contribute to something positive and uplifting at an otherwise worrying time.”

“I am so excited to see and hear people’s videos and photos, and just want to encourage everyone to have a go and just have some fun!” said Josh Arnold.

Contributions can be sent to [email protected] using a large file sharing website like Wetransfer, Yousendit, Google Drive or Dropbox by Friday 8 June 2020.

More information available here.

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