Better together – creating meaningful change on the ground at the #ruralhealthconf

14 March 2019

There are thousands of good ideas in Australia's rural and remote health sector about how to improve health and wellbeing.

Hundreds of them will be knocking around, looking for oxygen in the Sharing Shed at the 15th National Rural Health Conference in Hobart from 24-27 March 2019.

The 15th National Rural Health Conference is not a talk-fest, it is an event focussed on delivering incontrovertible, evidence-based suggestions about what needs to be done, why, and by whom. When followed up after the event by organisations and individuals keen to improve health outcomes in rural and remote communities, the pressure builds for changes to be implemented.

This is where the Sharing Shed comes in – an online portal accessible to all Conference delegates to upload ideas and suggestions.  Behind the scenes during the Conference the Recommendations Committee will be identifying emerging themes, combining similar recommendations and ranking the most popular recommendations.

On the final day of the Conference the Chair of the Recommendations Committee, Professor Jenny May, will deliver a set of 'priority’ recommendations' to hand to Senator Bridget McKenzie, the Minister responsible for rural health.

“The Sharing Shed is a vital part of the National Rural Health Conference and delegates are encouraged to get involved.  The recommendations reflect the views of the rural health sector in Australia and hopefully set the rural health policy agenda for the next two years,” said Jenny May.

The Sharing Shed is only available to Conference delegates to input, but anyone can watch what’s running in the Shed during the Conference at

If you can’t attend the Conference you can also keep up-to-date by following #ruralhealthconf on Twitter (@NRHAlliance).

It’s not too late to register – go to

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