Launch of ‘Build ‘em up!’

Josh Arnold

Thank you to everyone who contributed inspiring lyrics and ideas that have resulted in the launch of this musical collaboration between Friends of the Alliance and Small Town Culture.

Josh Arnold has collated contributions and we are very pleased to launch ‘Build ‘em up!’.  The song highlights the hope, resilience and true Aussie fighting spirit in rural and remote Australia and we hope you like it!

The song is dedicated to everyone doing it tough in small country towns at the moment.

The next stage of this collaboration is to produce a video compilation and we need your help again! 

We are planning a compilation video of everyone performing ‘Build ‘em up!’  We would like short (no more than 30 seconds) videos of people performing the song with an instrument, dancing to it or singing it. You might like to do it solo or with someone you are currently living or working with (keeping in mind the social distancing rules). If you can’t manage a video we are also accepting photographs. We would like you have some fun with it!

Send your contributions to [email protected] using a large file sharing website like Wetransfer, Yousendit, Google Drive or via DropBox.



This project is brought to you by Small Town Culture and Friends of the Alliance following the success of ‘Better together’ produced by Josh Arnold at the 15th National Rural Health Conference in Hobart in March 2019.

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