Community Conversations

The current priorities of the Friends Advisory Committee are:

  • climate and health (including reducing greenhouse gas emissions to address air pollution, drought, bushfire, heat and extreme weather events, and water and food security); and
  • digital health (including connectivity, community awareness, digital health literacy and education and training of the health workforce).

The Committee is currently exploring ways to capture information about the local impacts of climate and how community networks can connect people facing similar issues with possible solutions.

They would also like to know how digital health strategies are enhancing access to health care services in your community and/or where these could be improved.

If you would like to contribute resources, a story, case study or example of how your community is addressing these issues email: [email protected]


Moira Shire
View the Moira Shire Council - Heatwave Plan


City of Wagga Wagga
What is climate change?
Information from the City of Wagga Wagga website on climate change:


NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Climate change projections by region
Download pdfs and zip files full of information on the climate change projections in NSW:


Lesley Pearson, West Australian Friends Advisory Committee representative
WA – the environment and climate change
BTRE '06 Prof kearney.ppt  |  Ecohealth Network Summary-Feb 16 2019.doc  |  Gaynor & Bradby 2018 Salinity a slow moving crisis APH.pdf  |  Speldewinde et al WA dryland salinity and depression.pdf

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