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Gabrielle O'Kane

Alliance Friends provide views on My Health Record

The Alliance has taken a ‘pulse’ survey of people passionate about rural health to collate their views on the Australian Government’s My Health Record.

Remote health webinar

Remote health: Going the extra mile

Remote Australia features some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. However, delivering health services in this environment brings with it unique and challenging circumstances.

How can alternative funding models promote innovative care?

How can alternative funding models promote innovative care?

The funding arrangements for primary health care are complex. Funding is sourced from different levels of government. It lacks coordination and incentivises acute care over primary care.

‘Home is where the heart is’: the link between poverty, housing and health

This webinar provides a range of perspectives on the critical role secure housing plays in the health, and economic and social wellbeing, of low-income Australians; the effect of the current recession on people in economic hardship, particularly in rural Australia; the importance of appropriate housing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians; and how to overcome the... read more

Empty coffee cup

The last drop...

Thank you for being in touch! After 14 weeks of catching up from our homes, we will be taking a break from our Friends cuppa sessions. When the lockdown started, a weekly Zoom catch-up was a chance to exchange views on how the pandemic was affecting people in rural areas and to support each other. Over the weeks we’ve discussed many issues, from chickens and snakes, to reconciliation and the... read more

Join us for a cuppa image

Coming out of COVID ...

CuppaFolk: Ans Van Erp, Qld; Wendy Downs, NSW; Sue Wade, NSW; Josh Arnold, Qld; Chris Moorhouse, Tas; Martin Butler, Vic; Janine Turnbull, NSW; Adrian Schoo, Vic; Leanne Coleman, NSW; Irene Mills, WA; Gordon Gregory , ACT.

Ans van Erp welcomed everyone and acknowledged traditional owners, past, present and emerging. It's Carers Week in the UK and Ans paid her respects... read more

Josh Arnold

It's here—the 'Build 'em up!' video!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this fantastic muscial collaboration brought to you by Small Town Culture and Friends of the Alliance. We received so many inspiring lyrics, ideas, photos and videos from people all around Australia that capture... read more

National Reconciliation Week logo

‘In this together’ and the importance of local media and sport

Rachel Yates welcomed everyone and acknowledged the Ngunnawal people as the traditional owners of Country where the Alliance is situated, and also acknowledged the traditional owners of other lands around the country.

Monica Glenn

Monica Glenn OAM - an inspiration to us all, including during COVID-19

Friends of the Alliance first got to know Monica from Dondingalong, NSW a few years ago when she attended the 6th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium in Canberra.  We have kept in touch and were so delighted to see her again at the 15th National Rural Health... read more

Join us for a cuppa - Bandy bandy snake

Bandy Bandy Snake. Photo Will Brown

Snakes: "harmless and cute - but not on the verandah"

Gathered around the billy this week were Wendy Downs, Lily Sher, Lynne Strathie, Linda Beaver, Adrian Shoo, Gordon Gregory, Rachel Yates, Felecity Gemmell-Smith, Renee Strazzari, Sue Pagura and Janine Turnbull.

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