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All Australians should be able to achieve the best health outcomes regardless of where they live. This is not the case for the seven million people who live in rural and remote areas. Our people die younger, have poorer health outcomes and face many disadvantages in accessing health and health promotion services.

The National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA) brings together 37 member organisations (listed at the end of this charter) dedicated to improving health equity for country people.

This election, we are asking candidates, political parties and voters to ask themselves if it is fair that some Australians, by virtue of where they live, have less access to healthcare when they need it. And what will they do about it?

Our broad priorities for improving rural, regional and remote Australia’s health outcomes are:


1 Improve Indigenous health

2 Improve access to healthcare, especially by funding more allied health professionals into rural Australia

3 Expand the health research capacity of rural Australia

4 Create a new National Rural Health Strategy

National Rural Health Alliance - Member Body Organisations

The rural health sector needs more funds and greater focus. Pledge your vote to the candidate and/or political party that commits to deliver on the specific details outlined in this document.


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