Submission to Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS - provision of services for people with psychosocial disabilities

10 March 2017

In responding to the Joint Standing Committee it is the Alliance's view that health planners must work across sectors to look at building potentially viable shared services across the disability sector and the health sector. This may offer a viable model of employment for attracting a new workforce into the community and lead to the desired nett increase in access to mental health services overall.
The Alliance also is concerned that the introduction of the NDIS and implementation of the Australian Government’s mental health reforms will leave a substantial policy failure in the mental health system that is likely to result in a significant reduction in access to psychosocial support services. The Alliance is a member of Mental Health Australia (MHA), and shares the concerns expressed by MHA about the significant hole emerging between the NDIS and mental health services for people with serious mental illness who need psychosocial support services.

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