App and Sharing Shed

Get the conference app

There is a Conference App you can use on your tablet or smart phone. It is available now and you can download it using this link:

Or you can scan this QR Code using your smartphone:

The App contains a program and link to all speaker bios and abstracts. It also contains a full list of sponsors, exhibitors and delegates.

You will need to log in using the email address used to register for the Conference and you will have received an email with your PIN number as your password.

If you have any trouble downloading the app please give us a call on 02 6285 4660 before Friday or you can come and ask at the Registration Desk when you are in Alice.

Visit the Sharing Shed here

One of the most important products of Caring for Country Kids will be a set of recommendations for action to improve the health and wellbeing of rural and remote children, and to strengthen their voices within Australia.

The Sharing Shed is an online portal through which Conference delegates can propose recommendations for the consideration of others at the event. All delegates have an equal right to go online and propose a recommendation of their own, and to see and comment on those already submitted by others.

The process will be moderated by a Conference Recommendations Group, whose members will scrutinise the recommendations in concurrent papers as well as those submitted during the Conference. A set of collated and refined recommendations will be available online at any time, and at various stages of the event they will be shown to delegates in a plenary session.

During the lunch break on the final day the latest verison of the recommendations will be displayed on screen in the Plenary Hall. Conference MC, Tim Moore, will be there to discuss the content of the recommendations prior to summarising them again in the final session after lunch.

The Sharing Shed will open at 8am on Sunday, 17 April 2017 and your login details are the same as those used to access the Conferernce App.

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