Why has dental health been given the brush off?

15 August 2012




'A healthy mouth for every Australian’ was the catch-cry at a meeting of health advocates in Canberra on 15 August 2012. And that’s not surprising, given the appalling state of oral health among people on low and middle incomes, indigenous communities and in rural and remote areas. The Communiqué delivered to the Minister’s Office at the end of the day, summarised the views of the 60+ organisations that were involved about how best to secure better dental health care in Australia, starting with these special need groups. Those at the meeting are determined to continue to work together for a much-improved national oral health system. Keep informed about developments by maintaining contact with the AHHA, ACOSS, the PHAA, AHCRA and the NRHA.

Matilda House - Welcome to Country Presentation
Tessa Boyd-Caine, ACOSS - Proposals from the National Advisory Council Tony McBride, AHCRA - Integrating oral health care into primary care Andrew McAuliffe, AHHA - Workforce and the public-private relationship Ian McAuley, Consultant - The economics and politics of the quarantining of the mouth Presentation
Clive Wright Immediate-Past Chief Dental Officer, NSW Health - Keynote 1: What’s the hold-up? How to make our advocacy efforts more successful Presentation
Sue Dunlevy The Australian - Keynote 2: How to keep the issue on the political and media agenda Presentation
James O’Brien Vic/Tas Co-ordinator, Every Australian Counts - Keynote 3: Unpacking a successful campaign Presentation



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