Past NRHA Events and Seminars

Past Events

National Press Club of Australia Event

22 November 2016 - National Press Club of Australia AddressNational Press Club of Australia Address

Tuesday, 22 November 2016.

Three prominent experts outlined key reform priorities in rural and remote health in an Address at the National Press Club of Australia.

These priorities include the need for greater fairness for the seven million Australians who live outside metropolitan areas, and the potential for increased productivity and economic growth if the disparities in health outcomes between rural and remote residents, and city residents, can be closed.

Caring for Country Kids Conference was held last April, 2016

17-19 April 2016Caring for Country Kids Conference

This conference was held 17-19 April 2015 in Alice Springs, NT - jointly organised by Children’s Healthcare Australasia (CHA) and the National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA).  It was a national conference on quality healthcare for children and young people living in rural, regional and remote communities across Australia.



Past Seminars

The National Rural Health Alliance holds public seminars, sometimes in conjunction with the face-to-face meeting of its Council, and sometimes in collaboration with other organisations. The general purpose of these is to inform people about important issues that affect the health of people in rural and remote Australia and to provide a networking opportunity for those interested in the special topics selected. These seminars or policy forums also provide the opportunity for people to meet in person with members of the Alliance’s Council and staff.

Proceedings of these seminars can be found below. You will find presentations, transcripts, biographies, photographs and audio files where available.