Australian Journal of Rural Health


Lived experiences in the co-design of policy, research, and programs to improve the health of rural and remote communities

Authentic power sharing relationships enable real change with rural and remote communities. This can occur through co-design and co-production, but what is best practice and what more needs to be done for meaning, measurement, monitoring, and evaluation?  This special issue of the Australian Journal of Rural Health calls for papers to explore the topic of lived experience in co-design, whether it be the co-design of policy, research, or programs.


The Australian Journal of Rural Health (AJRH) is a multidisciplinary refereed journal published on behalf of the Alliance by Wiley. Since its inception in 1992, AJRH has contributed significantly to the publication of research reports and expert opinion on rural and remote health.

AJRH is peer reviewed and listed in Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Rankings with an impact factor of 1.662 (2020). AJRH is listed in the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) 2018 journal list published by the Australian Research Council with Fields of Research (FoR) of 11 (Medical and Health Science) and 16 (Studies in Human Society). It is listed in Medline, as well as other major abstracting and indexing services. AJRH provides research information, policy articles and reflections related to health care in rural and remote areas of Australia, and is an important publication vehicle for researchers and practitioners.

The Journal Advisory Committee, comprising representatives of the Alliance, the publisher and the Editor in Chief, guides the operation of the Journal. The Committee administers the Journal to reflect the Journal’s multi-disciplinary outlook and its primary purpose: to support and promote interdisciplinary health networks, and to help practitioners and researchers influence policies and programs to improve the health of people living and working in rural and remote areas. The Editorial Board, led by the Editor in Chief and comprising the Associate Editors, is responsible for the content of the Journal.

AJRH is published six times a year. The first issue each year is available free for online readers.
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The AJRH welcomes the submission of manuscripts and the Editor is pleased to hear from potential referees. As well as manuscripts of full academic papers, AJRH also welcomes shorter articles on matters related to health in rural and remote areas, letters to the Editor, personal stories, practice pointers and obituaries. Author guidelines are available from the Wiley website.Articles for publication in AJRH may be submitted via this link:

Clare Ross, Journal Manager: [email protected]; phone 02 6285 4660
Kate Edmonds, re manuscripts: [email protected]; phone +61 (03) 9274 3127
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Journal Advisory Committee: Gabrielle O’Kane, CEO, NRHA; Peter O'Meara, Member NRHA Council; Alison Bell, Wiley; Associate Professor Russell Roberts, Editor in Chief.

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief: Associate Professor Russell Roberts (Charles Sturt University)

Deputy Editor: Dr Evelien Spelten (La Trobe University).

Associate Editors: Professor Phil Batterham (Australian National University); Associate Professor Melanie Bish (La Trobe University);  Dr Heather Bridgman (University of Tasmania); Associate Professor Narelle Campbell (Flinders University); Dr Marianne Gillam (University of South Australia);  Dr Anne Jones (James Cook University); Associate Professor Martin Jones (University of South Australia); Professor Scott Kitchener (Griffith University); Dr Mark J Lock (Cultural Safety Editing Service); Associate Professor Faye McMillan (University of New South Wales); Dr Garry Nixon (University of Otago, NZ); Associate Professor Jan Radford (University of Tasmania); Dr Emily Saurman (University of Sydney); Associate Professor Kate Senior (University of Newcastle); Professor Timothy Skinner (La Trobe University); Dr Ross Wilson (Western Sydney University).

International advisers: Professor Dean Carson (Sweden); Professor James Dunbar (Australia); Gordon Gregory (Australia); Associate Professor Svein R Kjosavik MD (Norway); Kathy Langlois (Canada); Dr Claire Minton (New Zealand); Dennis F Mohatt (USA); Emeritus Professor Tom E Norris (USA); Professor David Perkins (Australia); Professor Luis Salvador-Carulla (Australia);Professor Roger Strasser (Canada); Professor Donald Warne MD (USA); Dr John Wynn-Jones (UK).