My Health Record information and materials to share

My Health record graphic

The National Rural Health Alliance is partnering with the Australian Digital Health Agency to support and promote the My Health Record system.  My Health Record is an online summary of a person’s key health information.

All Australians will receive a My Health Record by year’s end unless they opt out of the system.  The opt period runs from Monday July 16 to Monday October 15, 2018.

Below are a range of materials and information about My Health Record.  They can be downloaded or printed, and the Alliance urges the whole rural and remote health sector to share this material with your communities.

For further information about My Health Record visit:

Please note that this link is embedded with tracking software.  My Health Record is trying to evaluate different methods of informing the health sector about its programs.  The Alliance has been assured that the tracking software will not collect personal information that will identify an individual, and therefore the Privacy Act does not apply. 

For information about opting out visit:

Statistics about current usage of My Health Record visit: