Health system performance and monitoring

The Alliance’s work towards good health and wellbeing in rural and remote Australia is guided and supported by a wide range of data. Relevant data come from agencies and organisations including (but not limited to) the:

Peer reviewed journals such as the Australian Journal of Rural Health provide critical review, discussion and insights into rural health.    

What do we mean by “rural” Australia? There are many different geographic classifications used by organisations when reporting rural health data. These include:

So, what’s new in rural health data? Have you seen the AIHW's website and reports:

You may also be interested in the National Health Performance Authority's report GP care for patients with chronic conditions in 2009-13, Frequent GP attenders and their use of health services in 2012–13 and PHIDU's Life opportunities, Social Inclusion and Health Outcomes: an Australian Atlas.

The NRHA Little Book of Rural Health Numbers

We have commenced pulling together rural health information into a publically available source. This is an ongoing task, with additions and updates as and when resources allow and when new data is available.

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What's happening in your area?

NHPA’s MyHospitals website contains service and performance information for over 1,000 public and private hospitals. It provides hospital profiles and comparable performance results for measures such as surgery waiting times and access to emergency departments by location or by hospital. The NHPA MyHealthyCommunities website shows detailed health information by geographical location for each of the Medicare Local areas.

NHPA – MyHealthyCommunities website

NHPA – MyHospitals website