The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) is comprised of 51 national member organisations each of which has a significant focus and concern for the health outcomes experienced by the almost 7 million people living in rural, regional and remote Australia.

The Alliance has a key role in advancing health outcomes and access to health services for people living in rural, regional and remote Australia. The Alliance is the only peak national body that has this particular focus. This focus is uniquely strengthened by the composition and breadth of its membership.

Our Object

The Constitution of the National Rural Health Alliance Ltd. reflects the overarching purpose, intent and obligation of the organisation:

The charitable object for which the company is established is to provide benevolent relief to those suffering poverty or distress (such as sickness), by advancing health outcomes and access to health services for rural, regional and remote Australians. 

Our Vision

The Vision of the Alliance, as the peak non-government rural and remote health organisation, is healthy and sustainable rural, regional and remote communities.

Our Purpose

The Alliance seeks to fulfil this vision by:

  • identifying priority needs in rural and remote health and promoting appropriate action;
  • undertaking or commissioning research into key issues in rural and remote health and develop knowledge about them;
  • disseminating relevant information and knowledge to those with an interest in rural and remote health;
  • providing feedback to governments on the health impact of their policies and services in rural, regional and remote communities;
  • encouraging stronger organisations and population groups to recognise and support those which are vulnerable;
  • developing strategic alliances with other groups that have the potential to improve rural and remote health outcomes; and
  • undertaking resourced project and contract work that supports the vision of the Alliance.

Our Values

  • We value and respect the rights, history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional owners and custodians of the land upon which we seek to achieve our vision and purpose.
  • All Australians should have equitable access to appropriate health services, regardless of their geographical location or ability to pay.
  • People living in rural, regional and remote communities should be able to participate fully in decisions affecting their health and wellbeing.
  • Achieving equitable access to health services and equivalent health outcomes are a basic human right. All people are entitled to this regardless of their geographical location and cultural, social or financial disposition.
  • Health and wellbeing is most directly impacted by the social determinants of health. Action concerning this is at the core of our beliefs.
  • Solutions to rural, regional and remote issues may differ from time to time and place to place. It is important that solutions are developed in partnership with local communities and reflect local needs and circumstances.
  • Funding models for rural, regional and remote health services should support a primary health care approach and should ensure equity of access to medical and other health services.
  • We are committed to a process of consultation with our member organisations and value this as a fundamental part of how we work.
  • We are committed to working in partnership and collaboration with individuals, groups, organisations and governments in metropolitan, rural, regional and remote Australia.
  • We support the principles of consumer directed care and the active involvement of consumers in the decision-making processes that seek to achieve equitable access to health services and health outcomes.
  • We will at all times act with integrity, honesty and transparency.
  • We will encourage mutual respect among our member organisations.
  • We will assume a leadership role with respect to rural, regional and remote health issues.

Our organisation:

The National Rural Health Alliance:

  • The Alliance comprises four structural elements – Member Organisations, a Council, a Board and the Secretariat.

Member Organisations:

  • Membership of the Alliance is comprised of organisations that meet the requirements of membership as specified in the constitution.
  • Member organisations are able to nominate a delegate to be a member of Council.


  • Council comprises the nominated delegates of the member organisations of the Alliance.
  • Council has a key role in providing advice and support to the Board in the development of the Alliance’s strategy and policy directions as well as supporting the implementation of these directions.


  • The Board comprises those member organisation delegates elected by Council.
  • The Board is the accountable entity under Australian law.


  • The Secretariat comprises the employed staff of the organisation accountable to the Board.

Our Work:

  • The Alliance is the peak body for rural and remote health in Australia. The strength of our ability to provide evidence-based advice and support to government is a measure of the breadth of our membership and the effectiveness of our engagement with our member organisations.
  • The effectiveness of our engagement is determined by the active involvement of Council and member organisations in the identification and fulfillment of the Alliance’s vision, mission, purpose and goals.


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