Workshop 1 - Rural Health Research Capacity Building: Approaches across the nation

The University of Sydney School of Rural Health

9.00am-4.30pm Sunday 15th September

Target Audience

Do you supervise rural health or medical students who are required to undertake research projects? Or are you engaged in building research capability in your rural health organisation? Then this workshop is for you.


This workshop is for individuals involved or interested in rural health research capacity building or research education for rural students, graduates or clinician researchers. Conducted by the National Rural Research Capacity Building Network, this is a great opportunity to discover what is happening in rural research education and contribute to this growing area.

The workshop is divided into 4 sessions:

Session 1: Sharing rural health research capacity building models across Australia. Learn about existing programs: impetus for commencement, educational approaches, resourcing, activities undertaken, outcomes and goals, challenges and opportunities.

Session 2: Exploring collaborative projects with network members. Research projects underway, potential collaborations and further exploration of information shared in Session 1.

Session 3: Discussing the National Rural Health Research Capacity Building Network. Strategic alignments, partnership opportunities, building relationships between rural clinical schools and state-based programs and future network activities such as advocacy and interstate/international collaboration for research capacity building.

Session 4: Summarising recommendations from the workshop for incorporation into the Conference recommendations.


Dr Emma Webster (University of Sydney School of Rural Health)

Dr David Schmidt (Health Education and Training Institute – NSW Health and University of Sydney School of Rural Health)

Dr Olivia King (Western Alliance and Deakin University)

Dr Hilary Wallace (WA Country Health Service)

Workshop registration:

$80 per person