Arts and Health


Tuesday 2 August – Roving in the BCEC Foyer

The Mask Family are a suite of magical roving mask theatre performers who explore the joy of human interaction and the incredible power of how a simple act of kindness, and authentic connection, can transform a person’s life. Highly visual, interactive, non-intrusive and non-language-dependent, this unique form of roving theatre transcends barriers of age, language and culture.

Three performers and each set of characters will perform morning, lunchtime and afternoon, in the following characters: ‘The English Bobbies’, ‘The Lollypop Ladies’ and ‘The Medicators’.

Don’t be shy, say hello!


Tuesday 2 August & Wednesday 3 August – BCEC Foyer

Ngamumu (For Mothers) is a creative and cultural project that supports mothers and their babies during the first 1000 days of life. Artists work with communities to explore ancestral practices to re-learn, re-invigorate and re-imagine parenting for the modern mama that is inclusive of her cultural and creative self.

Lia Pa’apa’a is an artist, Creative Producer, and Community Arts Cultural Development practitioner based in Cairns, working across various art forms. 

Lia and Merindi Schreiber invite everyone to share a space for exploring motherhood and infant care.


Tuesday 2 August & Wednesday 3 August – BCEC Foyer

The Stairwell Project is driven by well-researched evidence that live music and art is an essential element in the healing process and general wellbeing of patients, staff and public in hospitals and medical centres. Stairwell enjoys regular performances at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, St Vincent’s Health Kangaroo Point and Prince Charles Hospital Chermside. The project is a collaboration with students, graduates and lecturers from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Queensland University of Technology, the University of Queensland and the Queensland College of Art (Griffith University).
Deadly weavers dress
Felicity Chapman


Tuesday 2 August & Wednesday 3 August – BCEC Foyer

Felicity is a proud Wiradjuri woman living on Ngaro country with her husband and youngest of three boys and is committed to learning, honouring and preserving the ancient Aboriginal culture. Felicity is passionate about supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their families and mobs, and finding opportunities for them to share their gifts and culture with the wider community.

In 2017 Felicity suffered a life-altering brain aneurysm bleed. Since being released from hospital in July 2017, weaving and photography have been an integral part of her rehabilitation and healing journey.

Weaving has been essential in helping Felicity manage life with her disability.


Wednesday 3 August, 8.20 am – Great Hall – 30-minute session

Drumming and mindfulness

Rhythm is a part of our make-up. Everyone has rhythm and everyone needs it! Using highly accessible rhythms and formulas, InRhythm founder Tim Orgias will lead the entire Great Hall audience in a warm up for the day using 600+ drums, creating:

  • a boost in energy
  • release of tension
  • unified social interaction
  • community motivation
  • positive leadership
  • mindfulness and meditation
  • natural wellbeing and joy
  • increased confidence
  • creative expression
  • and a whole lot of FUN! | 1300 554 035

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REBECCA DOSTAL and the Puppetarium

Wednesday 3 August – Roving in the BCEC Foyer

Ruby and Beryl Pearl are two life-size 85-year-old Golden Girls puppets. These ladies first came to life in 2018 in their debut Dying to Meet You, a comedic play set in a coffee shop in the afterlife. They bantered about advanced health directives, lost Wills and the joys of Valhalla, Gin and and 8-foot Vikings.

If you want an opinion, these ladies are the ones that will give you a piece of advice. They are quite politically and socially incorrect, as only 85-year-old Golden Girls can be …


Wednesday 3 August – BCEC Foyer

Mikarla Teague is an Activist and Creative Arts Therapist based in Brisbane, Australia. Her passion lies in creating artworks with a purpose, both to question and confront the realities which have been created for us, empowering and inspiring individuals to stand up and act.

Mikarla will be present over Day Two to create a visual artwork in conversation with passers-by. Come by, say hello, and help her create something entirely new, on the spot!


Thursday 4 August, 12.15pm – Great Hall

Queensland BalletQueensland Ballet is passionate about making dance more accessible for all. Findings show that Ballet for Seniors has led to positive wellbeing outcomes, particularly: feeling more energetic/animated, keeping in shape, bodily control/awareness, posture, flexibility, physical wellbeing and overall wellbeing.

To include a three-minute video and class demonstration.

Dance for Parkinson's AustraliaDance for Parkinson’s Australia offers dance classes for people with Parkinson’s disease in the ACT, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. Participants are empowered to explore movement and music in ways that are refreshing, enjoyable, stimulating and creative, and the whole conference audience will be invited to join a mass class!

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Momentum Arts logoNigel Lavender, Arts and Health Coordinator, has assembled an arts and health program for the National Rural Health Conference highlighting Queensland performers and artists making work supporting health and wellbeing.

Passionate about arts projects that promote community and cultural development and regional engagement, Nigel is an independent arts consultant and Producer, best known as Executive Director of Queensland Music Festival 2008–18.

Founding Director of Momentum Arts, Nigel’s other clients include Flying Arts, The Big Anxiety (UNSW), Arts Queensland, Festivals Australia and Access Arts.