PNG unable to address doctor shortages

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Papua New Guinea doctors say the country's inability to address staff shortages has reached critical levels with recent figures showing three to six million people have no access to medical care.

The President of the PNG Society for Rural and Remote Health, David Mills, is calling for an immediate international intervention to improve the situation.

Dr Mills told Koroi Hawkins what he finds alarming is that the terrible situation has gone on for so long that people in rural areas have become resigned to their fate.

DAVID MILLS: Really what they are saying is that more than half of PNG's districts at the moment have no doctor present and the average population of those districts is over 80,000 people. And so you are talking about a minimum of three and a half million people who not only have no doctor present but have had no doctor present for often many, many years. So it's a really, really devastating situation and we are trying our best to raise awareness on it.

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