13th National Rural Health Conference

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WOW – what a massive conference! Thank you to the staff of the National Rural Health Alliance (NHRA) for their hard work in making it such a success.  This post is my attempt at summarising just a few of the people, places and possibilities discussed in Darwin over the past few days at the conference of the National Rural Health Alliance. I can’t possibly mention every person or speaker, suffice to say that there were 17 different (and excellent) keynote speakers, not to mention the multiple concurrent sessions each day. Croakey, the Crikey Health Blog is also a good place to look for a summary of activity at the #ruralhealthconf.

Some of the main themes that I picked up on were the importance of taking each person and community in their context, the massive impact of the social, economic and cultural determinants of health on outcomes, building on sustainable telehealth, and the self-efficacy and resilience of regional, rural & remote health professionals.

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