Sharing Shed

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the Sharing Shed
The Sharing Shed is where 12th Conference delegates share their ideas and recommendations for improving rural and remote health and wellbeing.

Enter the Sharing Shed
In the Sharing Shed, delegates can make recommendations, can make comments and suggest changes relating to recommendations already in the shed, and can vote for their favourite recommendations to indicate their support. Every delegate has 12 votes; you can allocate them as you wish – use them all on a recommendation you really like, or distribute them across several ideas.The Conference Recommendations Group will frequently visit the Sharing Shed during the Conference and use what they find here as the basis for developing a set of priority recommendations.

You are invited to view recommendations culled from the papers already submitted by people who are presenting at the Conference.

Once the Conference begins, delegates (only) will be able to comment on proposals already there and suggest new ones of their own.

Visit the Sharing Shed here.