Unfortunately due to budget cuts HCRRA is no longer funded and the secretariat no longer exists. Please note however that the organisation is still active, and the committee members and state representatives are still representing consumers on various bodies and committees in both their own state and nationally.

For further state specific queries please contact your state rep or for national queries please contact the HCRRA Chair, Marg Brown (see contacts page for details).

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Put simply, Health Consumers of Rural and Remote Australia is an incorporated organisation working to improve health outcomes for people living in the bush. However, we are far more than that. At it’s heart, HCRRA is a group of people from across Australia with different backgrounds and experience who have come together under one banner because they believe that Australians living in the rural and remote areas of this country have the right to receive a reasonable level of health care. Our membership includes CEOs, researchers, doctors, allied health professionals, representative groups, politicians and, perhaps most importantly, individuals who are concerned at the level of health services provided in their local area.

To be an effective representative organisation, we believe HCRRA must first be an effective consultative and informative organisation. We focus then on not only listening to the views and experiences of health consumers in rural and remote areas but also on keeping them up to date with current policy initiatives and discussions. It is our hope that this website will become an integral part of this process.

We encourage all individuals and organisations that have an interest in rural health to join our organisation. HCRRA was incorporated in 1994 and is now very highly regarded by policy makers as a trusted, reliable and truly representative voice of rural and remote health consumers.


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