Arts and health

Arts and health in Hobart

See our Arts and Health Co-ordinator, Kelly Drummond Cawthon, introducing the Conference Arts and Health Program. The 15th Conference program will highlight local Tasmanian performers and artists during plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, and foyer installations. The program promises to deliver an exciting glimpse of the creativity alive in the Hobart arts community with their focus on arts and health practitioners working better together to improve wellbeing and health in rural and remote Australia.
Josh Arnold

Better together! Song writing and singing workshops with Josh Arnold

Delegates will have the opportunity to join song writer and music video producer Josh Arnold from Small Town Culture in this special song writing and singing workshop.

There will be a pre-Conference workshop on Sunday morning where delegates will work with Josh to compose the lyrics to Conference theme song, 'Better Together'. 

There will also be morning Singing Workshops where delegates will form a conference choir and rehearse the song in preparation for a performance on the final day.

The conference choir will be joined by local primary school students in the final performance.

This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Voicefullness mini workshop, Lisa Robert-Scott

Lisa Roberts-Scott has spent the past 25 years as a professional singer, performer, teacher and mentor. In this 20-minute workshop, participants will learn how vocal development, mindfulness meditation and psychological principles, can together form pathways to greater meaning, purpose and appreciation of life.  Lisa will present ways to calm your mind and nourish your emotional well-being by integrating voice work with physical relaxation, focused meditation and self-acceptance psychology.

Voicefulness will encourage you to enjoy your voice and to enjoy being you, helping you let go of the need to be a better version of yourself and embrace the moment as it is.

Note:  Voicefulness is designed for people who have never sung before as well as those who love singing. Voicefulness is about finding your own unique voice whether for singing, speaking or just being. Self-confidence, self-efficacy and grounding are all benefits of connecting to and discovering your natural voice. Participants will be encouraged to work to their own level and will not be required to sing in front of others.

Second Echo Ensemble

Our mission is to create and present exceptional performance that challenges assumptions, shakes up stereotypes and gives voice to untold stories. We don’t make performance about having a disability or not having a disability. We make work about life, about its surroundings, its imaginings, its rhythms, its angers and its celebrations.

Second Echo Ensemble will be presenting a short excerpt from By my hand - a kinaesthetic and sensory exploration of how we are caught up and held in place by our perceptions, our beliefs, and our rigidly held constructs of authority.

Mambo Afro Trio

The Mambo Afro Trio comprises:   Mwase Makalani (Malawi) ( vocals, percussion),  Alan Welsh (Malaysia) (classical guitar), Matthew Fargher (Yorkshire/Adelaide) (violin, cavaqinho, ukulele, vocals).

The Mambo Afro Trio formed around Mwase Makalani bringing together the distinct multi-instrumental talents of a group that marries Flamenco, Samba, High Life with the music of Malawi and South Africa. Mwase leads a dynamic, wild and joyous trio, belting out international hits like Miriam Makeba’s Pata Pata alongside old kwela songs, village songs of Malawi and gorgeous instrumental originals.

Jill Sonke

Jill Sonke is the Director of the Center for the Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida (UF) and Assistant Director of UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine. She serves on the faculty of the UF Center for Arts in Medicine, and is an affiliated faculty member in the School of Theatre & Dance, the Center for African Studies, the STEM Translational Communication Center, the One Health Center, and the Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration.

Jill is an Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellow in the UF Warrington College of Business, serves on the editorial board for Arts & Health journal, and directs the national initiative, Creating Health Communities: Arts + Public Health in America.

With 25 years of experience and leadership in arts in health, Jill is active in research, teaching, and international cultural exchange. Her current research focuses on the arts and health communication, the arts in public health, and the effects of music on cost and quality of care in emergency and trauma medicine. Jill is the recipient of numerous arts, public health and entrepreneurship awards and over 150 grants for her programs and research at the University of Florida.

Silks - Adie Delaney

After graduating from the National Institute of Circus Arts in 2006, Adie travelled the world performing as an aerialist and acrobat at various festivals, mostly with the UK’s leading large-scale contemporary circus NoFitState.

Personal highlights include playing the Roundhouse in London and the Tohu in Montreal, and being described as ‘irrepressible’ by Total Theatre magazine.

Other projects include a smaller scale flying trapeze show that premiered in Finland, managing a community circus school in the UK, and performing in a community engagement street circus. Adie returned home to Tasmania in 2015 and started The Circus Studio which has grown since then to become a thriving community.

RANT Arts - Nathan Tucker

At present Nathan is Executive Co-Director of RANT Arts, Tasmania's premier regional arts organisation. Nathan is a writer and visual artist. He has extensive experience as a business and marketing manager in corporate, arts and hospitality sectors. He has a strong history of freelance, business and media writing and managed the community Arts organisation Rising Phoenix Studios. Nathan currently delivers the federal Regional Arts Fund grant program in Tasmania.

RED Liz Lea

RED explores Liz Lea’s journey and experiences with Endometriosis. She had the disease for 20 years as she created and toured her work internationally. Returning to Australia she needed a bowel reconstruction – all of which could have been avoided had she paid attention to her body and her body’s needs.

RED challenges laughter, relief and tenacity. Let Liz Lea get you in touch with your mischievous self in this new and captivating work about the temporal workings of the body.

An extraordinary self-reflexive tale told by one woman with a particular take on how time passes for us all. Through irony and wit, Lea opens the RED door and shines a light on the hidden taboo subject matter of women’s business (or the cycle of womanhood ?) and society’s attitude to the female body.

Liz Lea is a performer, choreographer and producer based in NSW and Canberra after 20 years in Europe, touring internationally. Her speciality is working with classical Indian dance and martial arts. She has worked with Ranjabati Sircar, Mavin Khoo, the Royal Opera House and English Bach Festival and been commissioned in India, UK, Australia, South Africa, Singapore and USA.