Arts and health

Arts and health in Hobart

See our Arts and Health Co-ordinator, Kelly Drummond Cawthon, introducing the Conference Arts and Health Program. The 15th Conference program will highlight local Tasmanian performers and artists during plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, and foyer installations. The program promises to deliver an exciting glimpse of the creativity alive in the Hobart arts community with their focus on arts and health practitioners working better together to improve wellbeing and health in rural and remote Australia.
Josh Arnold

Better together! Song writing and singing workshops with Josh Arnold

Delegates will have the opportunity to join song writer and music video producer Josh Arnold from Small Town Culture in this special song writing and singing workshop.

There will be a pre-Conference workshop on Sunday morning where delegates will work with Josh to compose the lyrics to Conference theme song, 'Better Together'. 

There will also be morning Singing Workshops where delegates will form a conference choir and rehearse the song in preparation for a performance on the final day.

The conference choir will be joined by local primary school students in the final performance.

This is an opportunity not to be missed!