The Sharing Shed

View the Priority Recommendations from the the 14th National Rural Health Conference held on Wednesday, 26 April 2017 to Saturday, 29 April 2017.

Or view the full set of recommendations direct from the Sharing Shed.


One of the most important products of the Conference in Cairns was the set of recommendations for action to improve health services in rural and remote areas and to overcome some of the barriers to good health.

Following its successful implementation at the 12th Conference in Adelaide, the recommendations process in Cairns was again based on the Sharing Shed. The Sharing Shed is an online portal through which Conference delegates can propose recommendations to the full body of delegates, with every individual delegate being able to express a view on all ideas proposed by providing comments and by ranking or weighting separate recommendations.

The system has been further improved on the basis of feedback received at the 13th Rural Health Conference held in Darwin in 2015, with its key advantages retained: inclusiveness, transparency and user-friendliness.

The process was moderated by a Conference Recommendations Group, whose members scrutinised the recommendations submitted during the Conference by delegates in attendance.  The Priority Recommendations were handed to the Assistant Minister for Health, the Hon David Gillespie during the final plenary session.

Sharing Shed