Sharing to achieve real change

Friday, April 7, 2017

It is the most significant rural health event of its kind in the country and one of the key outcomes of the 14th National Rural Health Conference, in Cairns from April 26 to 29, is for delegates to produce a set of priority recommendations using a unique and innovative online platform, the Sharing Shed.

The Sharing Shed is a user-friendly, online portal that allows delegates to directly input their own ideas and recommendations on how to improve health and wellbeing in rural and remote areas.

David Butt, CEO of the National Rural Health Alliance said, “The Sharing Shed has been specifically created for use at the Conference.  It is a valuable tool that helps set the rural health agenda in Australia.

“The Conference is a great networking event and an opportunity to share what works in rural and remote health. But it goes far beyond that – it is also an opportunity for individuals to contribute their ideas on how to improve the health system in Australia. It can lead to real, evidence-based advice on what needs to be done, why, and by whom. When followed up after the event by organisations and individuals keen to promote the ideas generated by the more than 1000 people attending the conference, the pressure builds for changes to be implemented.”

Guided by the combined voice of delegates, the Conference Recommendations Committee, led by NRHA Deputy Chair, Tanya Lehmann, will collate a set of delegate-agreed recommendations and present them to the Assistant Minister for Health, the Hon Dr David Gillespie, on the final day. The Conference encourages governments, other organisations and relevant stakeholders to consider the recommendations and to act on those recommendations relevant to their areas of interest.

Contributions can only be made by delegates but anyone can follow the progress during the Conference and see the emerging themes by visiting the Sharing Shed website at: 

If you'd like the opportunity to have your voice heard, there's still time to register to attend the Conference at

You can also hear Melissa Sweet, Public Health Journalist, Croakey, talk about the Sharing Shed

Contact Details: 

David Butt, Chief Executive Officer:  0411 474 912 / 02 6285 4660
Leanne Coleman, Conference Manager: 0407 991 854