Become a Friend of rural and remote Australia

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The National Rural Health Alliance is inviting those passionate about improving the health and well-being of the seven million people living in rural and remote Australia to become a Friend and help the Alliance to strengthen and promote its critical work.

The Alliance is the peak non-government body for rural and remote health in Australia, and ‘Friends of the Alliance’ is a pivotal network of people and organisations with an interest in rural health who support the work of the Alliance and provide valuable grassroots connections.

According to CEO of the Alliance, David Butt, Friends plays a very important role.

Friends keeps us connected and informed at a local level and is valuable in helping us remain a strong, representative voice for rural and remote people,” David said.

“They are well placed to harness the knowledge, capacity, influence and geographic reach of rural and remote Australia and to identify innovative solutions to rural and remote challenges.
“It’s about local people – those passionate about rural and remote Australia – garnering local, regional and national support for desirable change, to improve the wellbeing and the life opportunities of so many who contribute so much to Australia.”

Pauline Glover, a long-time Friend of the Alliance, says she has found the network invaluable.

“I only wish that I had known more about the Alliance earlier in my career. Knowing how, as health professionals, we need to work together and respecting each other’s professions is so important. I have been able to bring my expertise as a midwife to Friends and also my leadership skills to chair Friends meetings. I have loved attending the National Rural Health Conference where camaraderie of all participants is palpable.

“I would not change one single second of my active participation in the eight years. I have laughed, cried, contributed and felt valued. All of us have the capacity to make a difference and you can too by joining the Friends of the National Rural Health Alliance.”

Irene Mills, from Dalwallinu in WA, has been a Friend of the Alliance since its inception.

“I would encourage anyone who is a health consumer or interested in improving the health of people in rural and remote Australia to become a Friend. Not only does membership connect you to the lead organisation for rural health in Australia, but it will provide you with the opportunity to give and receive information, share local health issues and in many instances represent the local voice to the national organisation to improve service and access in rural areas.”

Membership of Friends of the Alliance is for a financial year (2017-18) and anyone joining now will receive an extended membership of four additional months. Friends are also eligible for discounted Conference registration, and access to the Australian Journal of Rural Health. There is also the opportunity to become part of the Friends Advisory Committee, comprised of two representatives from each State and Territory. To become a part of this dynamic network, please accept our Friend request and join or renew your membership now at:

Contact Details: 

David Butt, Chief Executive Officer: 0401 006 170 / 02 6285 4660
Leanne Coleman, Conference Manager: 0407 991 854