About the Conference

Every second year the National Rural Health Conference is held in one of Australia's regional centres and brings together current and future leaders of the nation's rural and remote health sector.

The Conference's purpose is to facilitate the exchange of information from across this huge and disparate nation, to hear about the latest developments in rural and remote health, and to network with new and old friends.

Organisers of the Conference, the NRHA, encourage people at the Conference to consider what actions by governments and others would help improve things on the ground. The Conference is seen as one of the means by which knowledge transfer can be effected: from those experiencing and operating services to the politicians and policy makers who set the context for local action.

The 14th National Rural Health Conference will be held in Cairns, in tropical north Queensland Australia from 26 to 29 April 2017.

The Conference will be strongly interdisciplinary and multisectoral. It will attract health professionals of all disciplines, as well as rural/remote health consumers, students, researchers, academics, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, government officials, parliamentarians and the media.

It will have a strong focus on the social determinants of health and wellbeing, and on health service delivery models that work well in more remote areas. Sessions will be arranged around key issues, not around specific professions. For instance, rather than separate streams of activity for nurses or managers or medical practitioners, Conference content might relate to such things as mental health and wellbeing, preventing avoidable hospitalisation, or the role of IT in health service delivery.

The Conference has the capacity to help set the agenda for governments and professional bodies, including through agreement on some priority recommendations for action. By this means the Conference assists with the fundamental task of reducing the differential between city and country health.

The 14th National Rural Health Conference will provide a special welcome to international delegates whose main purpose is to attend the WONCA event that follows (29 April to 2 May 2017). The program for the crossover day (Saturday, 29 April 2017) will be arranged so as to straddle the agendas of the two separate events.

14th World Rural Health Conference

The 14th National Rural Health Conference is being held immediately prior to WONCA's 14th World Rural Health Conference.

The rural WONCA Conference is a gathering of health practitioners from around the world for the exchange of information on rural family practice. Running the 14th WONCA Conference back-to-back with the 14th National Rural Health Conference will strengthen the multidisciplinary focus of the rural WONCA event and also provide the Australian event with the opportunity for more detailed consideration of family practice in the Australian context.

Delegates are encouraged to attend both the 14th National Rural Health Conference and the 14th World Rural Health Conference. A discounted rate will be available to those registering for both.