The 10th National Rural Health Conference is bound by, and committed to supporting, the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) set out in the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

The 10th National Rural Health Conference will collect and store information you provide in the Registration process for the purposes of enabling us to register your attendance at the Conference, to assist with the administration and planning of future Conferences and other events, to facilitate your requirements in relation to the Conference (including follow-up material from the Alliance), and to allow the compilation and analysis of statistics relating to the Conference.

The information that you provide in the Registration process and information provided at any other time during the Conference, including without limitation any feedback obtained during the Conference, will be used by the National Rural Health Alliance to offer, provide and continue to improve its Conferences and other services.  The 10th National Rural Health Conference may disclose some of the information that is collected in the Registration process, such as your name and organisation, to other Conference delegates.

The 10th National Rural Health Conference will not otherwise, without your consent, use or disclose your personal information for any purposes unless it would reasonably be expected that such purpose is related to the offer, provision and improvement of the 10th National Rural Health Conference or where such purpose is permitted or required by law.

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